Office 3, Rainbow Business Centre. 10 Lumina way, Lumina Park, Enfield, EN1 1FS. Company number 11597871

Tel: 0208 950 8669

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Your care, Your choice, Our mission

Hoboth Healthcare is committed to providing an effective, responsive, caring, safe and well-led service.


Listed below are some of the documents that will be used as part of the processes of delivering your personalised care;



  • Assessment form

  • Service User’s Guide

  • Service User’s Support Plan

  • Consent with Medication

  • Medication Form

  • Financial transaction

  • Communication notes

  • Accident & Incident form

  • Consent with Key

  • Complaint form

  • Care compliant forms for effective, responsive, caring, safe and well-led service.

The best care

Our commitment at Hoboth healthcare has always been to provide the best quality, the best practice and the best outcomes in everything we do.




Our priority is always to reflect this commitment to quality in the experience of our clients. We endeavour to be at the forefront in our drive to provide the highest service standards across healthcare, championing the need for more transparent, accessible reporting;

It starts with the individual




Key to delivering the highest levels of quality care and service is the recruitment, training and monitoring of our teams. We recruit people with the best skills as well as a dedication to deliver the best care. We ensure they receive regular training and we frequently monitor their performance.





We are committed to providing consistent, high-quality service to local communities and regularly engage with our clients, family members or carers; engaging them for their feedback